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Have you been issued a notice to appear for deportation? If so, call one of our Phoenix immigration lawyers.

If you or a member of your household has been scheduled for a deportation or removal hearing, your deportation attorney should understand the most effective methods to combat removal. Our immigration lawyers in Phoenix can prepare an effective removal defense cases for you or your family if the situation arises.

Any good Phoenix immigration attorney understands that many immigrants that end up in Phoenix, Arizona do not have a choice to go back to their home nation. Our immigration lawyers use their best efforts to see to it that every piece of evidence and legal strategy is utilized for your removal defense. Our law firm’s deportation attorneys have the experience and skills to take care of the toughest deportation and removal appeals cases, including those stemming from criminal convictions. The immigration attorneys in Phoenix Arizona who handle deportation cases work with the criminal defense lawyers in our offices around the country to create viable solutions for immigrants in these situations so if you or someone you love is facing deportation please call our immigration attorneys immediately!

What is a deportation removal case?

Removal procedures, whether based upon inadmissibility or deportability, have an effect on the ability that a person has to stay within the United States. Deportation affects individuals who are currently in the United States, either lawfully or illegally, by forcing them to leave. By contrast, certain grounds of inadmissibility prohibit an individual from getting in the United States in the first place. Each case is unique, however, and you need to be well advised about whatever situation you or your family member is in so don’t wait to call our immigration lawyers in Phoenix to discuss the problem or concern.

Immigration Violations & Deportation

Immigration infractions, as well as criminal convictions, could lead to deportation, ineligibility for relief from removal, and having the naturalization disallowed. Deportation and exclusion procedures have been combined into a solitary proceeding called a “removal” case. There are five broad categories or grounds for deportation. They include:

  • Getting in the country without proper authority.
  • Status lawbreakers who violate the regards to their admission or work without consent.
  • Individuals with a broad range of criminal convictions.
  • Individuals who are members of certain restricted organizations.
  • Particular individuals who become charges of the State within five years of entering the U.S.
  • People whose asylum applications have been refuted or referred to an Immigration Judge.