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Immigration Services

Phoenix Immigration Lawyers

Need the assistance of a Phoenix Immigration Lawyer?

It is in your best interests to hire a proven Phoenix immigration lawyer any time you find yourself getting involved in the United States immigration legal system. In almost every situation you will want or need an immigration attorney who has a track record of success in navigating the complexity of immigration laws. You also probably want an immigration lawyer who is ready to fight for you, your family and your friends with the authorities. The bureaucratic system surrounding immigration in the United States is large and inefficient, and it is overburdened by the millions of people worldwide who apply every year for temporary work visas, family and employment visas and citizenship. What is worse is that even minor mistakes in your paperwork could result in your application being unnecessarily delayed or denied. That may not seem like a big deal until you see how much paperwork is involved in most immigration situations.
Don't take chances with the final outcome of your case. Come to our law firm and meet with one of our immigration lawyers about whatever immigration concerns you might have.

Types of Immigration Cases We Handle:

Adjustment of Status: Pursuant to the Immigration Nationality Act, immigrants may adjust their immigration status from temporary to permanent; this is called "adjustment of status." In order to accomplish this, a person will first need to determine which immigrant category they fit into. After that has been determined all of the proper petition and forms will need to be filed.

Family-Based Immigration: The Immigration Nationality Act sets aside a limited number of immigrant visas every year, and most of them are allocated for individuals seeking to immigrate in order to reunite with family members. These include fiancé and marriage visas such as the K-1 nonimmigrant visa, K-2 nonimmigrant visa, K-3 nonimmigrant visa, K-4 nonimmigrant visa, as well as many types of visas for other family members. Oftentimes identifying and filling out all of the proper paperwork can be difficult so please feel free to contact one of our immigration lawyers for a consultation to get you going down the right path.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a process whereby certain qualifying immigrants may request consideration for deferred action for two years, subject to renewal. In order to request consideration for deferred action, the person must first meet key guidelines which are based on the person's age, education, criminal history etc. You will want to speak with an immigration lawyer in Phoenix to determine of you meet these guidelines.

Work and Employment Visas: Under the Immigration Nationality Act there are several different types of nonimmigrant (temporary) employment visas, including the H-1 visa, H-1B visa, H-2A visa, H-2B visa, H-4 visa, L-1 and L-2 visas, TN NAFTA visa, O visa, and E-1 and E-2 visas. That list is certainly intimidating and the paperwork is confusing because each one is suited to a unique set of employment circumstances. There are also many immigrant (permanent) work visas, such as the EB-1 visa, EB-2 visa, EB-3 visa, and EB-4 visa, all of which allow the immigrant to establish permanent residence in Phoenix and its surrounding areas. If you are seeking a work or employment visa please call our law firm to speak with an immigration attorney.

Denied Visas: Although this may surprise you, even if your application for a visa has been denied, you may still be able to obtain permission to travel, live, work or study in the United States. This process requires that an immigrant file an appeal, a request for consideration, a petition for an immigration waiver, or pursues some other type of immigration relief. Even though an individual can accomplish this process without the assistance of an immigration attorney, having one can really help and certainly increases the likelihood that everything will be done correctly.

Deportation / Cancellation of Removal: If an immigrant is being threatened with deportation due to allegations of immigration fraud or overstaying his or her visa, or has been selected for removal on the basis of a criminal conviction or otherwise, an immigration lawyer can help challenging the action and seeking to remain lawfully in the U.S.

Post-Conviction Relief: When an immigration client comes to us for help with avoiding deportation after having been convicted of a crime, our immigration attorneys often pursue a strategy of petitioning for what is commonly known as “post-conviction relief.” By appealing the conviction, seeking a reduction in the charges, or through other strategies, our immigration lawyers may be able to clear you of the immigration legal consequences that you are facing.

Naturalization & Citizenship: Assuming that you are able to satisfy the strict qualifications required, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship through the process commonly known as naturalization. As you probably know, citizenship carries extensive rights and responsibilities, including the right to vote in elections, hold federal employment, and help your family members come to the U.S. on immediate relative visas, so many immigrants have a desire to go through the naturalization process. Our immigration lawyers in Phoenix help clients through this process on a very regular basis.

Permanent Residency / Green Card: Living in the United States on a temporary work or study visa places many immigrants in a precarious position. Temporary visas require their holders to be highly cautious so as to avoid violating the terms of the visa. This includes, but is not limited to, renewing the visa on a regular basis. With a green card, however, an immigrant can establish himself as a permanent resident of the U.S. and start building your future in Phoenix. Let our immigration lawyers help you to obtain your green card!

Waivers: Even if you have been selected for deportation because you have overstayed your visa, committed a crime, or did any other type of immigration legal violation, it may be possible for you to resolve the matter by hiring an immigration lawyer to petition for a waiver. This often requires you to supply evidence that you deserve relief and leniency, among other things.

How Our Phoenix Immigration Lawyers Can Help

When you bring your case to an immigration lawyer in our law firm, you can benefit from the fact that our lawyers and paralegals work as a team to accomplish your goals. Each client is important to us and our immigration lawyers pool their combined experience and share their immigration insights with one another to ensure that each and every client who comes to our law firm for help receives the best possible result that our lawyers are able to deliver.

When you come into one of our law offices an immigration lawyer will conduct a thorough interview so that he or she fully understands each client's needs concerns and objectives. Based on the information the immigration lawyer gets from that interview, a tailored plan of action for handling the case from start to finish will be prepared. Our lawyers can assist you with every aspect of your immigration situation, from completing the paperwork, gathering any necessary documentation and submitting the petition to preparing you for any interviews that may be required. Our immigration attorneys will represent you iin front of the immigration authorities, and taking your case to court if necessary. At every stage of the process, our immigration attorneys do whatever they reasonably can to get the results you deserve.